Country of origin: Germany

Weight: 28 – 45 kg
Height: 58 – 70 cm
Color: black and tan, gold, black
Purpose: guard dog, family dog, tracking dog, lifeguard dog, therapy dog
Characteristics: calm, brave, intelligent, obedient, loyal
Life expectancy: 12 – 14 years

Hovawart is a medium to large old German working dog breed and its name explains its original purpose: “estate guardian”. First written knowledge about the breed goes back to the beginning of the 13th century where it is described how a wounded Hovawart saved a small boy from a castle in Germany which was attacked by Slavic tribes. That heroic deed already says a lot about its unbelievable loyalty to people. The Hovawart is an estate guard dog but before all he is a true friend.

Hovawarts are very intelligent and obedient, but they need good training with firm and consistent upbringing through a partnership with constant praising. Their guard instinct is very well rooted and there is no need for teaching it. They are calm and shouldn’t show any signs of aggression. Everyday activity is necessary, physical and mental (especially during upbringing). Hovawarts can be suspicious to strangers. They are excellent with other dogs and animals and very gentle with kids. Having a Hovawart in an apartment is also acceptable but with lots of walks and nature activities. For a Hovi the most important thing is to be with you, as much as possible; if he does have a huge yard, very often he will rather choose to be with you in the house. If you decide for a Hovawart you have to be prepared to give him a lot of love and affection because only then you will have a happy and healthy dog.

The Hovawart is a very healthy breed and with proper care he will be a member of your family for a long time.