After the third week puppies daily routine definitely isn't anymore just eating and sleeping; play is a major part of their daily activities. They are very curious and alive making photo sessions and weighing much harder. We let them explore the living room which is big, so it is not always easy to find them and return them to the box. Everything is interesting! They climb on us, bite, chew slippers, bark, growl and are already acting like real little dogs. We are slowly getting to know their characters and watching how they behave in new situations and how they react to new things. They also got first toys but our clothes, slippers and toes are much more interesting, just like all the really weird stuff in the living room, like the table and sofa.

We started feeding them and that can be a real mess. We give them milk and this weekend, for the first time, they were fed mashed rice with chicken breasts and they just loved it! Leelah is doing great, has strong appetite and spends less time with the pupps except for cleaning and feeding them.

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