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Time really does fly. It has been a while since we posted news, but there was a lot work. Now our hovies are quite the little dogs, and half of them are already in their new homes. For the past few weeks it was wonderful because at that age they are so much fun. At the age of six weeks we moved them to their new apartment, where, if the weather is ok, they only sleep. We named them at the age of 6 weeks, when they got their first vaccine and passports. One puppy, blond male, is still available.

Here are the names:
Audax Arni (black and tan male)
Adorable Ben (blond male)
Admiral Fred (blond male) – still looking for his loving family
Amazing Aria (black and tan female) – our new family member
Awesome Abby (black and tan female)
Adventurous Ava (black and tan female)
Alma Lu (black and tan female)
Astarte Ema (black and tan female)

Arni or now Aron, Abby or now Kala, Ava and Ben are already having fun with their new families. Arni - Aron, Abby – Kala and Ava are in Slovenia and Ben stayed in Croatia. They all took the change very well. Ben is very close so we will see him often and that makes us very happy because parting from each pup is so hard. Ema will also be close, in fact, Ema, Ben and our Aria will go to school together. Fred is still looking for his perfect people but we have no doubts he will find them because he is so much fun, playful and cuddly.

On the 13th of April our friends from the Hovawart club in Slovenia came to visit us, and among them was Alenka, owner of Blue, the father of our litter. Alenka brought a toy gift for each puppy when they leave for new homes. Thank You so much, Alenka and daddy Blue!

For most of the photos in this gallery we have to thank Tea and Tanja. The pictures turned out amazing! Thank You so much, Tanja and Tea (pictures in the gallery)! Tea also did our posters for the litter so big thanks for that as well!

Take a look at the gallery to see how our baby hovies have grown.