PARENTS: Enormous Just One Look, King vom Scheunenweg
DATE OF BIRTH: 24th of May, 2016
HEIGHT: 61 cm
WEIGHT: 32 kg
TITLES: JCH Croatia, CH Croatia, CH Hungary

Leelah comes from a well-known Polish kennel Enormous (owner Anna Pieczynska) with a tradition of breeding Hovawarts since 1994. Her father is from a German kennel Vom Scheunenweg, and both parents have an impressive list of titles.

Leelah's pedigree name Make a Wish explains exactly what she is: our wish come true. Leelah is just what we wanted her to be: happy, playful, cuddly, sensitive, obedient, sharp guardian when needed, full of love. She is always with us, always in a good mood, always ready for action. She is very social; her best friends are Nur, our other female dog (Turkish Kangal), cats Igor, Oliver and Nikola and our mare Zia.

Leelah likes to spend her leisure time travelling, swimming and accompanying us while riding. She joins us on almost every trip and her favorite destination is the seaside. Except for swimming, her biggest joy is when we take long horseback rides through woods and forest trails.